Barking is a natural, self-rewarding behavior. It can be very hard to eliminate with dogs that are left unattended for long periods of time. However here are a few tips to help re-direct the dog’s behavior to a more positive one.
Just like chewing and digging this behavior usually is the result of the dog being bored. By giving the dog other alternatives it will help greatly reduce this problematic behavior.

Treat balls are a great way to stimulate a dog’s mind, re-directing the behavior in a positive direction.
Play hide and seek with the dog while you are home and then hide treats and toys throughout the house for the dog to find while you are away. Giving the dog something to do while you are away for a few hours at a time is a great deterrent!

For longer stretches of time when the owner cannot return home all day, a dog walker can be brought in for short walks in the middle of the day and to refresh the treats and toys hidden throughout the designated areas.
A TIRED DOG IS A GOOD DOG! So plenty of exercise is the key to helping to correct all problem behaviors!
Help your best friend by “SETTING THEM UP TO SUCCEED!”

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