Just as many other “problem dog behaviors”, chewing is a self-rewarding natural behavior. It cannot be completely eliminated but only re-directed.

The easiest way to keep chewing from being a destructive behavior is to never leave the dog unattended (unless crated) until they have earned it. Freedom should be something that is earned not just given!

Another way to re-direct is to get the dog fixated on toys. Playing with them on a regular basis is a good way to ensure this. Playing chase with the dog (the dog chases you only) with a favorite toy is another way to insure their fixation on it while you are unable to play with them. Making sure they have plenty of chew toys that they really enjoy, such as Nylabone type chew toys soaked in chicken or beef bouillon, Kong’s with peanut butter or liver spread or *rawhides. I have also found that beef bone knuckles work great for really hard chewer’s. Please remember to never leave your dog unattended with rawhide chews and make sure all chew toys are sized properly for the dog.

As always, please remember to “SET THE DOG UP TO SUCCEED”.

*note: some dogs cannot digest rawhide chews, so use with caution!

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