Digging is a normal dog behavior. In the dog’s natural environment, a strong digger could be the very thing to keep the pack alive. It is only until we ask them to step into our world does digging become a problem. Again, digging is a natural self-rewarding behavior and usually can only be redirected and not eliminated completely.

Here are a couple of reasons why dogs dig:

1) The dog is bored.

Alternate behavior: Make sure the dog has been taught the game ‘hide and seek’ and hide toys and treats throughout the area they will be confined to. Treat balls are a great tool to keep the dog busy and out of trouble.

2) The dog is trying to cool off when left outside for extended periods of time.

Alternate Behavior: A small wading pool with a few inches of water in it will give the dog a great break from the heat.

In addition, placing lava rocks or chicken wire just under the ground surface of areas you do not want the dog to dig in, is another great deterrent.

Like all other problem behaviors the best defense is a great offense. “SET THE DOG UP TO SUCCEED!”

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