Crate train! Crate Train! Crate train! Dogs hate to eliminate in the same place they sleep! Make sure the crate is sized properly! It is by far the easiest way to housebreak, young or old.

Same door, Same time, Same place! Reward with treats and praise being careful not to interrupt. Routine and repetition is the key!

Carry young dogs outside when 1st starting. And placing the crate close to the door that you will be taking them out will help eliminate accidents on the way.

No more than 1 hour per month of age: 4 months = a potty break ever 4 hrs, 6 months = 6 hrs. No longer than 8 hrs at any age. For dogs being left longer than 8 hrs, a dog walker can be utilized.

Freedom is earned! Never leave the dog unattended or any place they cannot be seen. A tie down or short lease tied to a chair your sitting in is advised. The dog sniffing, spinning or walking in circles are telltale signs that its time for a potty break.

No food or water on demand. Food and water should be given at the same time each day and then the bowls picked up! A bathroom break within 10-20 minutes after food or water will help greatly increase your dog’s chances for success!

Never! Never! Never! Punish the dog for an accident inside the home! Calmly and quietly clean it up out of the sight of the dog.

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