Leadership Excercises

Below is a list of Leadership Exercises that should be implemented when beginning any training program. These exercises outline specific privileges that a good leader would either expect or assume.

1. Leaders eat first.

2. Leaders go through doorways first.

3. Leaders stay calm and in control.

4. Leaders set the pace and direction.

5. Leaders do not let their personal space be invaded.

6. Leaders say when play begins and when it ends.

7. Leaders do not beg for attention.

8. Leaders do not offer free treats

9. Leaders assume the higher ground (beds, couches, chairs, etc.).

10. Leaders never change their direction or step over the dog.

11. Leaders assign resting spots for other pack members.

Please be aware that as the dog’s behavior improves, you can slowly return his privileges. It isn’t very often that you will have to completely maintain the strict code of behavior that is laid out in these Leadership Exercises. If you return privileges one at a time, you can easily determine if that privilege causes the dog’s behavior to regress.

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